Sobota 8/5/2010

AFA in the Czech republic

Antifascist action (AFA) – by all means, together against fascism!

Antifascist Action is focused on promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle with all authoritian ideologies and groups promoting any kind of oppression, particulary against neonacism and right-wing radicals.

AFA is opened for everybody, who wants to take an active part in struggle against fascism, nacism and bolshevism in its every forms eventhough antifascism is considered as extremism in these days. In the same way, we are not satisfacted with the current system, which brings more control on peoples lives, destroys our nature and makes social and economic differencies larger.

AFA is association of radical antifascists, who create local autonomous groups around whole Czech republic. Antifascist are mainly involved in their local groups. In the same time they are voluntarily joined toghether in federational structures according to area or type of activities. Internal structures of autonomus groups are based on natural equality of all theirs members, without artificial authorities or leaders.

AFA does not cooperate with the state authorities, political parties and repressive units. There is cooperation only with groups and individuals, whose activities are not in the contradiction with our principles and objectives.

If you can share our principles, join the Antifascist action!

Czech AFA can be contacted at email: international[at]
(You can write us in english, german and spanish - english, deutsch, español.)